Can you imagine Aotearoa without the kiwi? Neither can we.

Save the Kiwi is on a mission to rebuild the kiwi population – but we need your help. Join the cause to return kiwi to where they used to live … before it’s too late.

Never let your dog meet a kiwi

Dogs are a major threat to adult kiwi. Why? Unlike birds that fly, kiwi lack a breastbone which means that just an inquisitive sniff from the friendliest pooch has the potential to fatally injure a kiwi.

Before you go on holiday or head out into the wild to enjoy our great outdoors, please think twice before taking your dog with you.

Kiwi avoidance training for dogs

Dogs are a major threat to adult kiwi. The death of just one kiwi can have massive repercussions on the recovery of a kiwi population. Kiwi Avoidance Training is a programme that can minimise the threat of dogs injuring or killing a kiwi.

Endowment Fund

The Save the Kiwi Endowment Fund gives generous donors the opportunity to invest directly into the future of the kiwi. Find out more about how you can ensure our work continues long into the future.

Jobs for Nature

Save the Kiwi is a recipient of Jobs for Nature funding. Find out more about the projects we’re supporting and the mahi they’re doing to create more kiwi-safe habitat all over Aotearoa.

The kiwi could disappear from our forests if we don’t work to save it now.
Join the cause to save the kiwi.

Aotearoa used to be home to

of kiwi

Today, approximately

kiwi remain

That number declines by


every year

Of the kiwi that hatch in the wild,


are killed before they reach adulthood


kiwi are killed every week

If we were to do nothing,

kiwi could be left in the wild in a few generations

Kiwi used to thrive in Aotearoa for millennia and numbered in their millions, their piercing calls filling the inky night. But in just a few hundred years, widespread clearing of forest and introduced predators have seen kiwi numbers crash. Our forests, once loud with bird call, are falling silent. Today, stoats, ferrets, dogs, and other predators pose a great danger to this unique bird.

In areas where there is predator control, the rate of decline is slowing and some populations are even increasing. But much of the forest across Aotearoa remains unmanaged and kiwi remain at significant risk due to predators.

Help return kiwi to where they used to live

Donations over $5 are tax-deductable in Aotearoa. Thank you for supporting kiwi conservation.

Behind the mission to save the kiwi

Establishing kiwi population

How we’re saving the kiwi

Save the Kiwi works alongside whānau, hapū, iwi, conservation groups, communities, organisations, and the Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai to reverse the decline of the national kiwi population and create more kiwi-safe habitat all over Aotearoa. We work to raise awareness of the plight of the kiwi, how important this taonga is to all New Zealanders’ identities, and what people can do to help.


North Island Brown Kiwi

Learn about kiwi: Te manu huna a Tāne

The kiwi has become New Zealand’s national icon and is instantly recognisable all over the world. But how much do you know about this bird? Not only does it lay an enormous egg and has an unusual bill, it is also vitally important in te ao Māori. 


How you can help

The kiwi needs our help – and anyone can join the mission. Whether you want to ensure your dog never meets a kiwi in the wild, find out more about predator control measures you could do in your area, raise money to support the cause, purchase products that will help us do more of what we do, or donate your time or money to the mission, there’s something for everyone.



Whānau, hapū, iwi & kiwi

Kaitiakitanga is integral to the spiritual, cultural, and social life of tangata whenua. Save the Kiwi is committed to supporting mana whenua leadership in kiwi and wider te taiao efforts. Strong relationships with mana whenua directly contribute to the strategic direction of our kaupapa and our organisation as a whole.


Learn more about our latest mahi

Meet our sponsorship whānau

These awesome organisations have already joined the cause to save the kiwi.

Crombie Lockwood
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Wairakei Golf Sanctuary
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Signature Homes
Kuwi the kiwi
Four Winds Foundation
The Hatchery
Part Time Rangers

Help return kiwi to where they used to live

Donations over $5 are tax-deductable in Aotearoa. Thank you for supporting kiwi conservation.